Hmmm. Probably never thought about that combination before huh?

Warning. This post requires your undivided attention. When your attention is fully here,
read the statements below and notice which one you identify with the most.



1. It’s raining. Again. What a summer. Geesh.

2. It’s raining. Again! What a summer! Yeah!

3. It’s raining. Again. ___________________. (you fill in the blank)



What does any of this have to do with raw CE2.0 data, you ask?


Raw CE2.0 data, and your ability to see it, has everything to do with perception theory (nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer) and quantum physics (I affect what I see by the very way that I look at it, or if I look at it at all).

So, which of the three statements about the rain posted above is most true for you, right now? And, has it always been that way for you?

Here’s how I answered it: It depends.

As a mom of a preschooler, I’m fully in camp #1 because the rain keeps us from enjoying outdoor play. Outdoor play allows my son to burn the never-ending energy that he has every day. No indoor space can quite satisfy his need in this area.

As a gardener, I’m fully in camp #2 because I don’t have to water my garden to maintain it (I like saving money, and the environment) and the rain temporarily transforms my backyard into a rain forest (good for my soul).

And if I completed this exercise when I was a teenager, I would have for sure gone with option #3 and filled in the blank with something like: “What the *#%@, I’m sick and tired of this freakin’ rain and what it does to my hair! Can’t we just have one picture day without rain?!”

You see, as a teenager, it was very important to me that on picture day at school, my hair be just exactly perfect for the yearbook photo.

The Rain
Now here’s the thing. Is there anything different about the rain in any of these scenarios? Nope. What’s different is how I perceived the rain in each instance. Sometimes a nuisance, sometimes a gift.

So now back to you …

How do you perceive the raw CE2.0 data of your clients? Do you see the gift that it is to your business success and to your ability to truly serve your clients, or do you view it as a nuisance, in the way of achieving your goals? Or do you see it at all?

We would love to hear some of your examples of the raw CE2.0 data you’ve been identifying since (or before) subscribing to The JoyfulProfit Movement and, what you’ve been doing with it to better your business and the lives of your clients. We’re in this together. When you share, we all learn. Let’s keep it simple. No forms. No surveys. Just send us a quick email and let us know (

Enjoy all that comes your way today, because within it lies raw CE2.0 data. We wish you good business success.

The JoyfulProfit Movement

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