Where can you find raw CE2.0 data?

In addition to what you consciously perceive during an experience, raw CE2.0 data also includes (typically unconscious) thoughts, feelings, perceptions and values related to that experience. And it doesn’t matter if the experience is gained directly by the experiencer or indirectly when someone else tells the experiencer a story about their direct experience –  to the brain it’s all the same thing, it’s all “the experience”.

A great way to describe this co-mingling of experience with the conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, perceptions and values related to the experience is to use the “imprint” analogy.


(def.) Imprint

: a strong effect or influence

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/


At The JoyfulProfit Movement, we believe that recognizing and leveraging this raw CE2.0 data, or imprint, will do for your business relationships (and in particular, The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship) what the Imago model (created by Harville Hendrix in the 1980′s) has done for personal relationships.

Imago means  “the inner unconscious image of what you’re looking for in a partner but aren’t aware of.” Imago Therapy is about understanding how your relationship with experiences in the present have a deep emotional connection to your past experience. And why underneath current thoughts feelings and behaviours lies a different conversation (often, but not always, unconscious).



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This raw CE2.0 data about an experience (or imprint) already exists for a client before a supplier shows up in a client’s purview and certainly before the client knows anything about a supplier’s offer or how the supplier can be of help. In other words, it’s always there. Everyone has an imprint about their experience being someone’s client, somewhere, at sometime in the past. This imprint shapes their next experience and so on into perpetuity.

But the composition of the raw CE2.0 data of the experience is not limited only to factors about the experience itself. It also includes several other variables linked to, but not directly related to the experience.

Sources of raw CE2.0 data

  •  The CLIENT’s EXPERIENCE with the need(s) which precipitated their interest in how the services of a supplier can help.

For example: In the Home Builder, Renovator & Home Services Supplier segment, let’s say a homeowner wants to renovate their basement. How familiar are they with this process? Have they renovated a basement before? Another part of their home before? Is this the first time doing a renovation of any kind? All of this influences their current experience with their basement renovation project.

  • The CLIENT’s direct or indirect EXPERIENCE working with suppliers.

For example, keeping with the Home Builder theme (but easily translated to any market segment), has the homeowner worked with contractors and trades before? Have they heard about others’ experiences working with contractors and trades? Unless they live under a rock, you can bet they have!

  • The CLIENT’s EXPERIENCE of being “sold to” by anyone at any time.

When a supplier enters into a conversation with a client or potential client, in the background of the client’s mind is their previous experience with every other supplier of any type, and regardless of type. Back to the homeowner example: The homeowner is comparing their working relationship (or potential working relationship) with a contractor against not only other contactors they may have spoken to, but also with every other service professional that has come into their home and even with every other time they have spoken to a supplier about something they don’t fully understand (like their car mechanic). Good, bad, ugly – it all influences how they will hear and experience the contractor, even before the contractor opens their mouth.

  • The CLIENT’s relationship to their job/role in their company (if they are a business buyer) or their relationship to those with whom they live and/or who influence their buying decisions (if they are purchasing as a consumer).

Yikes! That’s a whole bunch more data right there! And it warrants a topic all on its own. That’s where JoyfulProfit Resources come in. We cover how to understand the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of a Business Buyer and of a Homeowner over there.


Where’s Waldo? Helping Suppliers find the raw CE2.0 data of their clients.

Fortunately, finding the raw CE2.0 data of a client (and even of an industry) is not as hard as finding Waldo can sometimes be! Raw CE2.0 data is everywhere. And it’s easy to spot, if you know what you’re looking for.

We often get asked something to the effect of:
“Well hang on a second. If this is often unconscious to the client, how the heck am I supposed to know what the raw CE2.0 data is for them?”

And our response is always this:
The very knowing that this raw CE2.0 data exists automatically heightens your senses for recognizing it. Just like when you’re out looking for a new car, and then all of a sudden you start to see the exact same make, model and colour everywhere (when you previously had not). And, (bonus!) when you know what to look for, the kinds of questions you ask can help others articulate their raw CE2.0 data, even if it is unconscious to them. So as a starting point, we instruct suppliers to take a “market research approach” and ask questions related to the four sources of raw CE2.0 data described above.

Can you see how raw CE2.0 data changes everything in the sales and service conversation? We can.

Enjoy all that comes your way today, because within it lies raw CE2.0 data! We wish you good business success.

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