The experience a client is already having, not the one a supplier wants them to have

There was a time when “The customer is always right” philosophy was at the forefront of sales and service approaches. It worked … then. But today, this philosophy is detrimental to The CLIENT-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP. For many reasons and on so many levels.

The power of a word

When one word is added to this phrase however, it’s a whole new philosophy. A game changer even. This addition has the power to change the CLIENT-SUPPLIER dynamic, so that both net more joy and more profit from the exchange. We believe it will.

That one word is EXPERIENCE. We added the “2.0” to differentiate it from existing Client Experience models (read more about the distinction here).

“The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 is always right”.

Now that’s a new paradigm for business!

The power of The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology

You can try to tell another what to think, do, or even how to feel. But they will go ahead and have their own thoughts and feelings and actions anyway. Experience is like that too. You cannot “will” an experience onto someone. They must come to it themselves.

Imagine…are you with me? Imagine if sales and client service strategies actually started there. With the experience the client is actually having. Not with the one you want them to have. We call this The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. Read more about it here.


What's possible for SUPPLIERS when they learn to sell with The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology?
  1. They are able to innovate by responding to what’s actually happening,
  2. They are able to describe what they do in a way that differentiates
  3. They just “know” where and how to add real value where it matters most and,
  4. All of their perceived (and real) barriers to market entry or to business growth simply (some say “magically”) disappear.
What's the impact to CLIENTS when suppliers sell with The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology?
  1. Clients experience being heard (truly, for the first time),
  2. They experience being understood, and
  3. They experience being served.

When this happens:

  1. They allow suppliers “in” and in so doing begin to reverse the unconscious control and distrust they unknowingly carry into the relationship.
  2. They create true partnerships with their suppliers. And this in turn inspires suppliers to do their best work and reverse their unconscious resignation that they unknowingly carry into the relationship.

The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. Methodology is going to change the way we sell


The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology is not only going to change the face of the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship, it’s also going to change how you build and experience your own business. Imagine if all your business building challenges, threats, frustrations and anxieties were ELIMINATED … you would have profit without losing the joy for why you started your business in the first place. That’s what awaits you when you learn how to use The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 methodology in your business.

Whoa. That’s pretty powerful.

Can you begin to see the possibility of a new CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship emerging?  We can.

But first, suppliers have to acknowledge that The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 exists, and then they have to learn how to sell with it to change the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship dynamic so everyone wins. These tasks are facilitated over at The JoyfulProfit Resources website. Check it out if you want to learn how to change this dynamic.