Welcome to another edition of The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Advantage (a new series in The JoyfulProfit Movement Blog). In this one, home Renovation Contractors are offered a real life look into the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of the FIRST TIMER renovation client – and how to leverage it so everyone “wins”.

It presents the real transcript of a conversation I had not long ago over email with a friend of mine who was about to embark on a renovation for the first time E-V-E-R. I kid you not. This is a true transcript of the dialogue (names changed or deleted to protect the “first timer” and the supplier). If you are a Renovation Contractor, ask yourself this: Can I afford to work with “First-Timers”? Can I afford not to?

Wow. An eye-opener for anyone in the Service industry.

Enjoy the post! Click here to read it.

As always, we wish you good business success!

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