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Catherine Mitchell

All paths have led here. And each has been forged from the bread crumbs found along the way.

It starts with our founder.

Catherine Mitchell

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This Is My Story.

I was schooled in Psychology, although at the time, I didn’t know just how I was going to apply in the real world what I was learning at the time.  Then, during my successful 20+ year career in professional selling and client service, I was trained in some of the world’s best sales and leadership methodologies. I was always able to make authentic connections in whichever market I was selling into. And collecting intelligence about the market and those who inhabited the market I was selling into came naturally to me. Some people hated me for this. So I stood alone at the forefront of The JoyfulProfit Movement for a long time. You see, it was this intelligence that I was no naturally able to gather that fueled my ideas about how to go to market with the products and services I was selling. This intelligence is what I now refer to as CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. (Read about it’s distinction from Client Experience 1.0 here).

The Next Bread Crumb

Taking an “in-house” role as marketing leader of a business segment in a large insurance company in the middle of implementing a large merger led me to the next bread crumb. It gave me not only an invitation to collect the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 intelligence of that market, it also gave me a chance to use it to influence how that business segment went to market during- and post-merger. That employer wasn’t the only one who enjoyed success from that approach. It helped me gain an enormous amount of confidence in the power of the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 idea.

Non Sales People

I’ve been called many things, optimist being one of them, but I’m also pragmatic. I knew that if I was going to influence the use of CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 intelligence in sales and marketing disciplines, I would have to start with those who were not yet deeply entrenched in a traditional sales or marketing model. After all, sales professionals are pretty loyal to the sales methodology they find success with, so I knew they wouldn’t be open to a new way (at least not at the start of this). Besides, most “non-sales people” hate to sell, will avoid it at all costs, have significant mis-perceptions about what selling is and suffer terribly through the process. And I knew that CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 intelligence would eliminate their  struggles to achieve their business and personal goals and it would, single-handedly shift their mindset about selling in such a way as it would in itself innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship (which, in the grand scheme of things is what I’m up to and what The JoyfulProfit Movement was created to do).

Taking on the Institution of Selling and Client Experience Management

As with everything I do, if I’m going to do it, it’s going to be big.  And it’s going to make a big impact. I don’t play small. So here we go: I believe that Selling (as we know it) has created the dysfunction we experience in The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship today. I knew that illuminating the existence of The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 in the selling process would eliminate the dysfunction in The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship. But I also knew that I would have to address how historical and even current schools of thought about sales and client experience management did not account for CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. And only then would I be able to teach SUPPLIERS how to use The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 to achieve their goals (oh, and delight their clients and innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship along the way).

Like I said, gigantic, but not insurmountable. Follow us over at thejoyfulprofitmovement.com and join the conversation to innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship. It involves you too.

My Mission (what I was born to do)

In  my heart-of-hearts, and from within my experience as both a CLIENT and a SUPPLIER, I know to be true that the only way to JoyfulProfit is through The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0. So, in my pursuit to help SUPPLIERS build JoyfulProfit in their businesses, I have developed a number of CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 tools that do what other sales and client service models have not been able to do: Teach SUPPLIERS how to change the CLIENT-SUPPLIER dynamic  so that both benefit.

With relentless optimism, and your help, I will change the way CLIENTS and SUPPLIERS work with each other so that both net more profit and more joy from the exchange.

Ready to create joy and profit in Your Business?

With JoyfulProfit Resources, we teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses by understanding and leveraging The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 of their target market.


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