For a business, leveraging the raw CE2.0 data of a target market is just plain smart. And because The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship is so strained, its just about the only way for Suppliers to be authentic in their sales approaches, and for Clients to truly trust them. Why?

  1. Raw CE2.0 data often reveals the “elephant in the room”. When a company’s products and services directly resolve the problems their clients wish they did not have, their clients are instantly aligned with them and their offer. This ensures the creation of a mutually authentic connection between client and supplier.
  2. Business leaders will spend less time strategizing and more time producing. Everything a business needs to know to create a strategic plan can be found in the raw CE2.0 data of its market. There’s no shorter route to it.
  3. An organization can be direct and bold with with its marketing approaches. There’s no trying in leadership. You are a leader or you’re not. Bold marketing helps businesses take the lead by differentiating in a crowded and confusing marketplace.


When you market with CE 2.0 intelligence, your message speaks to the TRUTH of your audience. They are aligned immediately upon interacting with it. NO gimmicks, no hoodwinking, no manipulation, no truth stretching: pure, raw alignment with your the inner truth of your audience.


Examples from the Not-for-Profit Sector

You can expose “The Elephant in the Room:  The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada’s Giant colon Giant Colon_20100305colon2

Talk about an elephant in the room … well, uh, actually, it’s a giant colon in the room … this Association came out bold and strong, addressing something we typically didn’t talk about previously and certainly wished we didn’t need to. Guess who’s talking about colons now? Just about everyone who has seen this Giant Colon in action.
They’re dominating Twitter with the hashtag #GiantColon and they even rent out the giant colon to interested parties and association who are interested in promoting colon health. More here:


You can be BOLD:  Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl Campaign

Because I am a girl_imageI signed up at the start of this Campaign when they canvassed me on the streets of Toronto. They got me at “Hello”. Some may criticize this as gender discrimination – but alas – this campaign calls out gender discrimination (like the elephant in the room) in a way that actually neutralizes the discrimination conversation and gets at the real matter:

Girls in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet. They are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to be denied access to education, and more likely to be malnourished, simply because they are young and female. And yet, studies show that when you invest in girls, the whole world benefits.
Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:





You can be Direct: Sick Kid’s Healthy & Happy

How to eat. How to play. How to think. Basic steps to healthy living – yet we demonstrate with our actions that we don’t know how. So this campaign re-teaches us the basics. Real basics. Made me laugh, but got my attention and the level of the dialogue made me realize the real issue with this underlying message.
Here’s an example: How do you go for a walk? A. Put one foot in front of the other and repeat. B. You get in the car and turn on the ignition. C. You piggy back on a friend.
Brilliant. Just brilliant. Caught my attention on the subway. Bet it will catch yours too.
Check it out here:



The Moral of These Stories?
Ask yourself what the Giant Colon, Gender Discrimination or Back to Basics messages are  in your business – and then have the courage to speak right to them!


Enjoy all that comes your way today, because within it lies raw CE2.0 data. We wish you good business success.
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