About The JoyfulProfit Movement

Innovating The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship

We believe The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship is Broken so improving it is not going to change anything. CLIENTS and SUPPLIERS need a new paradigm within which to relate to each other.


Great Customer Experience words on a hanging sign in the window of a store, company or business committed to quality service and client satisfaction

So who’s to blame for the “Broken” status? It’s a “Chicken or Egg” thing, it depends on your view (but then again, doesn’t everything?)

What’s if both are to blame, but neither is at fault? That’s an interesting place to see this from. It’s where we stand on the matter. Here’s why:

We believe that the institution of Selling has created the dysfunction we experience in The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship today. If we change the way we sell, we’ll change the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship dynamic.

That’s a simple concept. But why would we want to change the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship dynamic? Even if it is “Broken”, it still works.

But, does it work? And for whom does it work? Click here to read more about what makes it broken.

The (current) CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship:

Dealing with clients is complicated – let’s face it, people are complicated! That makes marketing, sales and client service efforts complicated for suppliers.

And for clients, having a really good client experience feels impossible to attain. So they have lowered their expectations.

Each ‘side’ braces for the interaction (whether they are conscious of it or not).

No one wins in this type of relationship.

Neither side feels satisfied in a dynamic like this.

A dynamic like this prevents a supplier from adding real value to a client and a client from being able to recognize real value and trust it.

Current (and historical) Sales Models haven’t been able to eliminate this dysfunction. We believe they have only perpetuated that which they caused in the first place. Read more here.





The JoyfulProfit Movement was created to provide the platform for the creation of a new paradigm for business; to cull current sentiment in the concepts of Sales, Selling, Client Experience Management and Client Service; and to innovate The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship so that both clients and suppliers benefit.

We have set out to do this in two primary ways:

    1. By changing the way we talk about The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship. Please follow The JoyfulProfit Movement Blog to contribute.
    2. By teaching suppliers how to sell with the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology. Read about it here.

Our Vision

To innovate the CLIENT-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP so that both net a more profitable and more enjoyable experience and to influence business strategy and action so they include, at their core, The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.

Our Mission

 To pave the way for a better CLIENT-SUPPLIER EXPERIENCE; to teach SUPPLIERS how to build their businesses from The CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0.;  to look status-quo in the face and tell it it’s time for an upgrade!

Our Values

Being heard;  Being visible;  Being valued.

Exercising Empathy; Listening to Intuition.

Partnership, Contribution, Co-Creation.

Teaching, Self-directed learning.

Leading by example.