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Innovating The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship by Applying the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology

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We’re up to a big task here. We are innovating the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship by changing the conversation (and our actions) about how clients and suppliers relate to each other. Your voice is important. Your contributions are welcome. Be part of this change. Feel free to post comments and links to other bodies of work that will enhance this dialogue.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 & Your Business

Here’s the “skinny”. CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 gives way to client intelligence that is up until now untapped. Tapping it is the way to build a successful, sustainable business, without either the CLIENT or the SUPPLIER losing their joy in the exchange. In this post, we talk about how it can apply (in general) to your business. And all future posts will provide specific examples of how to apply the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology.

What’s your CLIENT-EXPERIENCE 2.0 Advantage?

This illustration is based on a flooring solution scenario for a home renovation. Not a flooring company or in home renovations? That’s OK – there’s plenty of good advice to extrapolate for your business too. Unless your flooring company has the exclusive distribution...