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Innovating The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship by Applying the CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Methodology

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We’re up to a big task here. We are innovating the CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship by changing the conversation (and our actions) about how clients and suppliers relate to each other. Your voice is important. Your contributions are welcome. Be part of this change. Feel free to post comments and links to other bodies of work that will enhance this dialogue.

Is the current CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship set up for collaboration success?

The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship should naturally be a collaborative endeavour. However, because of the underlying power, control, distrust, manipulation, ego, fear, anticipation and other entities comingled in and complicating the relationship, the current CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship is not set up for collaboration success. Here’s what sets The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship up for collaboration success…

What Business Can Learn from How Not-For-Profits Leverage Raw CE2.0 Data

For a business, leveraging the raw CE2.0 data of a target market is just plain smart. And because The CLIENT-SUPPLIER Relationship is so strained, its just about the only way for Suppliers to be authentic in their sales approaches, and for Clients to truly trust them. Why? But how bold will you go? Check out these bold examples from the Not-for-Profit sector and learn!

The Origins of Raw CLIENT EXPERIENCE 2.0 Data

Raw CE2.0 data about an experience (or imprint) already exists for a client before a supplier shows up in a client’s purview and certainly before the client knows anything about a supplier’s offer or how the supplier can be of help. In other words, it’s always there. And everyone has one about their experience being a client of someone, somewhere, at sometime in the past. This imprint shapes the next experience and so on into perpetuity. We explore the composition of raw CE2.0 data here.